A very long plan !

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You have goals to reach, activities to achieve and need a work environment to sustain the momentum. Workplace environments should be creative, efficient, functional, safe and productive, supporting your future vision. A workplace revolves around the tasks needed to be accomplished each day. ARIG will plan your space logically and simply with extreme functionality.

Deja Vu

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I spotted this light fixture through a shop window while walking in New York City and featured it in a June post. In my travels recently, I was surprised to see this light fixture once again as the focal point in the main stair at the Domaine de Fontenille in Lauris, France. The second image is a dramatic nighttime view of this light fixture looking up from below.

It must be fun?

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https://arigdesigngroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Micheles-1st-job..m4v This movie/slideshow features me 1 during the early days of my first job as an interior designer at Ryan & Williams- “the office professionals”, the Buffalo NY designated Haworth dealer at the time. Fresh out of school, I knew I had a lot to learn and I was very shy. The ongoing joke was I did not speak a word that first year. But I was a good listener, worked hard and learned quickly. It wasn’t long before I was tasked with a 350-workstation space planning project. The initial space plan was produced by the architect who designed the […]

Football to Design…

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Former NFL player, Terry Crews currently known for playing Terry Jeffords, the police sergeant on the sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine is also a talented furniture designer bringing new ideas to lounge furniture produced by Bernhardt Design. This collection, shown in the above image, was on display at the 2017 International Contemporary Furniture Fair in NYC. That is me in the crazy trousers, I am not looking at my phone, I am reading the product information card!

Washington Square Arch

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The Washington Square Park Arch is reminiscent of the monumental Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Originally a temporary papier-mache and white plaster structure built to commemorate the 1889 centennial celebration of George Washington’s inauguration in NYC. The marble version was dedicated in 1895. This photo inspired one of my recent illustrations for The Frog Project Design Studio. Also, if you look closely you will spot me in the photo!


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Victoria + Albert Rotunda Chandelier viewed during my first trip to London and the V+A Museum. I should clarify this, I visited London briefly a very long time ago and I do not recall much except the hovercraft ride from the White Cliffs of Dover that brought me to Paris for the first of many visits. It is a beautiful sculpture, but reading more about it revealed the obvious, it is a challenge to clean.


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DIOR | NYC cleverly recycled electronics are transformed into an eye-catching window display. 

1 Hotel

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1 Hotel’s 3-story green wall is a standout on the Avenue of the Americas and 58th Street one block away from Central Park.