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Easy to spot, you will still find phone kiosks in the United Kingdom, yes...that is me inside!

Open plan offices and benching have become the norm for better or worse and we know in America there is a tendency to speak with gusto. I have a theory, or maybe it's a wish, if everyone were to speak discreetly noise in the workplace would not be a problem, but unfortunately we all know this is not possible. Searching for a solution to the noise, "phone booths" have moved into the workplace in many shapes and sizes, some resemble the original outdoor concept and others have a modern twist. Framery Acoustics has a large assortment of free standing models, the phone booth is much like the original along with several quick escape configurations for one on one work sessions or quiet work. 


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A row house located on 51st Street caught my eye. It appears to have a glazed facade behind a full height combination screen and green wall containing punched rectangular openings and cascading ivy. A full height narrow glass lite is visible on the right. 

Design + Entertainment

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ICFF, the 30th annual Contemporary Furniture & Design exhibition and talks at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center NYC. Four days, 165,000 idea filled square feet for interior designers, architects, retailers, representatives, distributors, facility managers, developers, manufacturers, store designers, and visual merchandisers and open to the public on the 4th day. Registration opens January 2018 for next year.

The Blog is Back

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The ARIG blog was temporarily closed in 2013 after updating our website with a new template the post layouts were jumbled and not easily fixed.
A short time later a good thing happened-- we were selected for a number of interior planning and design projects.
We have been working hard behind the scenes this year hoping to bring the blog back.
Some of the old posts are back and will be joined with new posts very soon!
It's a work in progress, so please be patient, we have many big ideas that we would love to share with you!

Streets of San Francisco

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Artist Jay Malone

San Francisco by Jay Malone of Buffalo NY
If you dined at the former Martin Cooks on Connecticut Street in Buffalo New York you might have spotted this painting of a street in San Francisco. The depth of perspective and play of heavy texture against the darkness with hints of illumination from the windows, street lights and automobiles immediately draws you in. Each time my husband and I visited for a very enjoyable meal we would stop and stare for a moment. One day we inquired about the artist and if there was any possibility he would be will to sell this captivating work of art. As you might have guessed the answer was yes and it is now hanging at the top of our bedroom stairway on the only large wall in our home. We love our open floor plan, but it does limit our ability to hang wonderful pieces of art like this one.