Custom Graphics

Custom graphics developed for SBPC, a 6-story healthcare facility. General way finding graphics utilize a consistent look and neutral color in companion with the way finding palette developed for the facility. Healthcare unit graphics on floors 2-5 are a nature based theme incorporating color to identify each floor. Each floor has 2-wings and each wing has 2-units containing private rooms. The 4-colorful birds seen in the large elevator lobby graphic are split in pairs to identify each wing. The ceiling soffit at each elevator lobby is a unique complimentary color providing an additional way finding identifier.





Signage Programs

Below, interior signage graphics for identification and wayfinding developed for Lippes Mathias Wexler Friedman, communicates to the public and staff their identity while providing information, and creating a sense of place. These signs were fabricated by ID Sign Systems with frosted glass and mounted with metal standoffs on the office entry sidelight glazing. The inserts are printed on clear media for easy replacement.