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ARIG DESIGN GROUP LTD, a Woman Owned Business Enterprise has been providing professional, commercial interior design services for twenty years. All good things must come to an end, ARIG is closing its interior design studio December 31st 2019. I am transitioning from spatial design to visual design, something that I love and brings a sense of calm to me. Many of my interiors projects involved graphic design and illustration for way finding and wall art. I have always spent my off hours honing my illustration skills with a daily practice of drawing something. I have also written and illustrated several books that I have self-published. I am leaving what I have known and excelled in for many years to follow this new and exciting path.

I am fortunate to have worked with great clients, both end users and as a sub-consultant to many architects. I have always been selective in project type working with people that have a strong appreciation for the interior designer's role and a sense of humor! In design, the tangible is generally the focus, but the intangible is most important. We do not know what the future office will look like. That is why it is important to think beyond the tangible office space and create a branded identity that reflects a compelling culture and produces a positive influence on employee recruitment, employee retention and customer satisfaction. The end result of any design leaves a lasting impression for a very long time and it is the designer's responsibility to provide excellent, professional services to our clients. That is what keeps them coming back.

My last word today on the subject of design is COMMUNICATE OFTEN, it is the key to the success of any project and... keep smiling!

Please visit my new website: MICHELE MOSES VISUAL DESIGN

Thank you all!

Michele Moses

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