Staying Power

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A new chair manufactured by Bernhardt Design is definitely worthy of inclusion on my favorites list. Like automobiles, furniture designs tend to be clones of one another. When a manufacturer brings to market a truly innovative design that is is cue for the competition to emulate the design in an effort to keep up with the latest new thing.

I spotted the new CP lounge chair in May at ICFF in New York and was delighted to hear the mid-century designer, Charles Pollock was behind the development of this beautiful and comfortable lounge chair. It has been 47 long years since theis talented designer has debuted a new product.

Charles Pollock designed an executive chair in 1963 that became the most specified, and copied, office chair for at least the next two decades.The following quote from a New York Times article sums up Mr. Pollock’s thoughts for the staying power of the Pollock Executive Chair, still part of the Knoll Studio product lineup.

Charles Pollock

“Call it a personality. It’s like a woman who is beautiful when she’s 19 and beautiful when she’s 45. She might be older, but she’s still beautiful.”

Pollock Chair 1963