Football to Design…

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Former NFL player, Terry Crews currently known for playing Terry Jeffords, the police sergeant on the sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine is also a talented furniture designer bringing new ideas to lounge furniture produced by Bernhardt Design. This collection, shown in the above image, was on display at the 2017 International Contemporary Furniture Fair in NYC. That is me in the crazy trousers, I am not looking at my phone, I am reading the product information card!


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Easy to spot, you will still find phone kiosks in the United Kingdom, yes…that is me inside!Open plan offices and benching have become the norm for better or worse and we know in America there is a tendency to speak with gusto. I have a theory, or maybe it’s a wish, if everyone were to speak discreetly noise in the workplace would not be a problem, but unfortunately we all know this is not possible. Searching for a solution to the noise, “phone booths” have moved into the workplace in many shapes and sizes, some resemble the original outdoor concept […]

Design + Entertainment

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ICFF, the 30th annual Contemporary Furniture & Design exhibition and talks at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center NYC. Four days, 165,000 idea filled square feet for interior designers, architects, retailers, representatives, distributors, facility managers, developers, manufacturers, store designers, and visual merchandisers and open to the public on the 4th day. Registration opens January 2018 for next year.

Lazy Basketball

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I am always in search of new seating designs that are innovative and well designed. This chair falls into another category– definitely eye-catching, possibly a stress reliever? The Lazy Basketball chair puts an obvious whimsical twist on two things, seating design and basketball. This unusual chair, manufactured in Italy by Campeggi and designed by Emanuele Magini, will amuse more than basketball fans. Consisting of a metal framework wrapped with synthetic net and topped off with an unexpected basketball hoop! Take a few moments to watch a slow motion demonstration on the Campeggi website—- click on the text “seat with basket”.

Personal Space

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A discussion I had yesterday with a colleague of mine about the “office of the future” brought back memories of the Fisher Price Team Building project that I was fortunate to have been involved in way back in 1993. The project team consisted of the Architect, Construction Manager, Owner and Furniture Dealer. At the time I headed up the Design Department for the Furniture Dealer and we were charged with planning the interiors for this truly innovative building.As part of the initial research and planning we mocked up a team area for the Juvenile Products Team. Part of the plan […]

Dutch Innovation

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The Dutch designer, Dirk Vander Kooij conceived the “robot arm” a new technique inspired by an old 3D printer for bringing designs to life. An endless thread of synthetic material sourced from recycled refrigerator materials is extruded creating unique textures and colorations for Studio Dirk Vander Kooij’s designs. The image above illustrates the Endless Flow Dining Chair along with Dirk in conversation with a visitor to ICFF 2013 in New York City where he displayed examples of his furniture. As an ICFF guest speaker with Material ConneXion Dr. Andrew Dent the designer presented this unique technology and described it’s role in future product development. […]

Modular Evolution

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  George Nelson and Charles & Ray Ames, are the talented industrial designers credited with the development of the classic designs that continue to be a part of Herman Miller’s product line to this day. However another man who walked into DJ De Pree’s showroom one day in 1931 became the man to create the modular designs for Herman Miller that are considered to be the first systems approach to office furniture. The seeds for Rhode’s modern approach to design were planted at the time of his sudden death in 1944, paving the way for those that followed.Gilbert Rhode’s assistant […]

Wood Design

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I have never been a big fan of tree stump coffee tables or anything rustic for that matter. Until I started receiving unsolicited e-mails from a company named Wood Design. The first thing that caught my I was their logo, very clean, simple design and when I visited their website I also found it easy to navigate and well designed. Their website and blog celebrates exceptional, creative wood furniture and accessories designed by various artists, designers and furniture makers. An avenue is provided to purchase these items through an online shop. I think you will find even the simple tree […]

The Edge

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The Edge Chair catches your eye, but it does not look comfortable, until you sit in it. After trying it at ICFF this year I fell in love with this chair….. clean, contemporary design, durable, stackable and great colors! “The EDGE is an all-aluminium chair designed for a simple series production. This object was not commissioned, but it is designed, manufactured, and sold exclusively by Novague. Several technologies are used during the production process. The form is first cut out from an aluminium plate by laser, then it is bent according to the drawing and welded. The surface finish is made of comaxite […]

Staying Power

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A new chair manufactured by Bernhardt Design is definitely worthy of inclusion on my favorites list. Like automobiles, furniture designs tend to be clones of one another. When a manufacturer brings to market a truly innovative design that is is cue for the competition to emulate the design in an effort to keep up with the latest new thing. I spotted the new CP lounge chair in May at ICFF in New York and was delighted to hear the mid-century designer, Charles Pollock was behind the development of this beautiful and comfortable lounge chair. It has been 47 long years since theis talented designer has debuted […]