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A very unique planter indeed! From GREENFORM, the Relax planter will surprise and delight. Grass, flowers, or unique stones are suggestions to fill the form. It consists of 2-pieces and is human size, 74″ x 30″ x 5″. Designed by: StauffacherBenz of Zurich


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   The Eames ® Elephants I think we all love elephants and that is probably why they are often the subject of humorous cards, cartoons, whimsical stories and in my recent travels to France- sculpture. This pink elephant caught my eye as a stand out among his other very cute friends “roaming” the grounds of the Château Lacoste.I couldn’t help noticing a slight resemblance to a plywood toy elephant designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1945, but never brought to the mass marketplace. Recently the Eames ® Elephant resurfaced in a plastic version suitable for outdoor or indoor use as a child’s […]

Dinosaur Sorbet

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Sculptural Sorbet Resin Vases by Dinosaur Designs. Dinosaur Designs takes responsibility for their environmental footprint and support environmentally sustainable initiatives and charitable organizations. “We believe in supporting organisations and people who make the world a beautiful and interesting place through art, music, dance, and literature or who work tirelessly to protect the environment.” In 1987 Dinosaur Designs established a studio in Sydney’s Kings Cross, Australia and began to wholesale their painted resin creations to retail outlets in Sydney and Melbourne. In 2002 they opened their first international store in Nolita, New York. SaveSave

Illuminating Planters

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VONDOM ADAN series planters are beautifully sculpted and a whimsically inspired and just one of many offerings from this leading company in the design of avant-garde indoor and outdoor furniture, planters, lighting and outdoor rugs.”We manufacture all our products and export all over the world directly from Valencia. Advanced technology and ecological raw materials are used in our processes to satisfy the demanding requirements of our customers.”