Mass MoCA

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If you are visiting the Berkshires in Massachusetts be sure to stop at Mass MoCA to see the new Phase 3 exhibition space in Building 6. You will enjoy the look and feel of the new space as you wander through the wonderful exhibitions. The piece shown here is Untitled (2012) by Anish Kapoor it is said to turn the familiar “unfamiliar and strange”.


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Victoria + Albert Rotunda Chandelier viewed during my first trip to London and the V+A Museum. I should clarify this, I visited London briefly a very long time ago and I do not recall much except the hovercraft ride from the White Cliffs of Dover that brought me to Paris for the first of many visits. It is a beautiful sculpture, but reading more about it revealed the obvious, it is a challenge to clean.

Streets of San Francisco

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San Francisco by Jay Malone of Buffalo NY If you dined at the former Martin Cooks on Connecticut Street in Buffalo New York you might have spotted this painting of a street in San Francisco. The depth of perspective and play of heavy texture against the darkness with hints of illumination from the windows, street lights and automobiles immediately draws you in. Each time my husband and I visited for a very enjoyable meal we would stop and stare for a moment. One day we inquired about the artist and if there was any possibility he would be will to sell this […]

Walking Paris

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I think I have mentioned before that I love Paris!I have visited the city many times and dropped by the usual tourist destinations like the Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay. Once inside after waiting online, reality sets in… it would take days to see all that is offered.On our latest trip an effort was made to not let those precious few hours slip away….. waiting. We decided to walk, talk, eat, relax, walk some more, talk and eat again.  We roamed the Paris streets, but this time included planned, liesurely  stops for lunch and dinner at well researched dining spots.We […]

Falling Water?

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We are all familiar with Falling Water, a remarkable residence in Bear Run, Pennsylvania designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.  Artist Jason Middlebrook’s take on Falling Water represents the artist’s fascination with the earth’s environment and the human effect juxtaposed with Wright’s vision of living in harmony with nature. This is a gigantic mobile fountain which at first glance appears to be made of stone, but in actuality it is constructed primarily of styrofoam.Falling Water by Middlebrook is another great example of the exhibits you will find at MASS MoCA, this was the perfect venue for artistic work of this scale.

12 Ton Birds

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Weighing in at 12 tons each, this male and female Phoenix duo was conceived by the talented Chinese artist Xu Bing. The Phoenix Project is on display in a football field size exhibition space at MASS MoCA’s Building 5 through October 27, 2013. You will be awestruck when you enter this room. On closer inspection of the parts and pieces used to create these creatures, you will enjoy identifying components that were salvaged from urban construction sites in China. These giant birds are illuminated with tiny LED lights and create a breathtaking sight at sundown. Note the welder’s masks in […]