May 7, 2013

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May 7, 2013 was a perfect day to take in the sites in New York City, including a new art installation by artist Orly Genger entitled Red, Yellow and Blue, commissioned by Mad. Sq. Art in Madison Square Park.  These colorful sculptures will be on view through Summer 2013. The work is comprised of the artist’s signature material, approximately 1.4 million feet of hand-knotted nautical rope covered in 3,000+ gallons of paint and weighing in at a mere 100,000 pounds! It creates an impressive backdrop for this park’s already beautiful lawns and gardens. Another great excuse to take a stroll in NYC.

Works in Paper

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It is no secret that I love imaginative, whimsical creations that delight the eye and make people smile. This morning I found the latest Interior Design magazine in my mailbox. I thumbed through it quickly and turned to my favorite part, the back cover. Maharam, a provider of textiles to architects and interior designers, has been the source of these creative ads for as long as I can remember. Generally a single image, always eye-catching and without explanation, that truly makes you want to find out more and I did….. Upper left notes “Skira Rizzoli” a publisher of museum quality fine art books, […]

The AGO, Frank & Evan

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The AGO has changed significantly since our last visit, which was prior to the 2008 completion of the Frank Gehry designed “Transformation“. The goal of this renovation appears to have been to unify the exterior, expand the gallery space and improve the visitor experience. This includes a dramatically designed new entrance and facade combining wood and glass elements and materials that continue as you venture through the renovated interior spaces. The first stop was lunch at Frank with a stroll after through the AGO Gift Shop before taking in the exhibits. EVAN PENNY: RE FIGURED is showing until February 10th, extended from the original […]


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An interactive exhibit, the event of a thread, by visual artist Ann Hamilton, connects people’s hearts, minds and memories through light, sound and movement propelled by visitors of all ages enjoying the large swings that anchor this exhibit. The swings are attached to a maze of wires above that connect to one very large volume of flowing white fabric moving up and down and back and forth, billowing like a sail in the wind dependent on the movement of the people on the swings. Artists quietly speaking random phrases into microphones with their words broadcast through radios hidden inside brown paper bags […]

Plensa’s Laura

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I was captivated by the recent installation of Laura on the campus of Buffalo New York’s Albright Knox Art Gallery.  It is massive in size yet delicate and slender in profile, reminiscent to the work of the Italian painter and sculptor, Modigliani. The artist is Jame Plensa a wonderfully diverse and talented sculptor. I also connected the dots to the playful, illuminated works I admired in the Place Masséna on a trip to Nice in 2009. The seven figures represent the seven continents and is titled “Conversation in Nice”. SaveSave


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   The Eames ® Elephants I think we all love elephants and that is probably why they are often the subject of humorous cards, cartoons, whimsical stories and in my recent travels to France- sculpture. This pink elephant caught my eye as a stand out among his other very cute friends “roaming” the grounds of the Château Lacoste.I couldn’t help noticing a slight resemblance to a plywood toy elephant designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1945, but never brought to the mass marketplace. Recently the Eames ® Elephant resurfaced in a plastic version suitable for outdoor or indoor use as a child’s […]

Carrieres de Lumieres – Les Baux

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From 30th March 2012 to 6th January 2013 If you are visiting the South of France in the near future a must see is Carrieres de Lumieres-Les Baux. This is a new cultural program focused on art history using light, technology, including surround sound and 70 projectors illuminating art and video on the floors, walls and ceilings of this amazing quarry. Through an amazing and unique audiovisual, the visitor will discover the bonds between Paul Gauguin and Vincent Van Gogh and their very different ways to use the color. The show evokes two routes with many similarities. The two artists […]