The AGO, Frank & Evan

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AGO Stair

The AGO has changed significantly since our last visit, which was prior to the 2008 completion of the Frank Gehry designed “Transformation“. The goal of this renovation appears to have been to unify the exterior, expand the gallery space and improve the visitor experience. This includes a dramatically designed new entrance and facade combining wood and glass elements and materials that continue as you venture through the renovated interior spaces. The first stop was lunch at Frank with a stroll after through the AGO Gift Shop before taking in the exhibits.

EVAN PENNY: RE FIGURED is showing until February 10th, extended from the original January 13th end date, and it is a must see exhibit. Evan Penny’s sculpture integrates technologies including photography, offset printing and 3D scanning along with techniques that eerily distort the pieces in unexpected ways. The results are larger than life, 3D sculptural images that are beyond realistic with the full impact only appreciated when viewed “live”. One example is a piece called EVAN PENNY AND OLD SELF: PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST AS HE WILL (NOT) BE, the title of the piece speaks for itself.